Well – Turned was set up by Dick Ross in 2001 in order to give him an excuse to potter round the shed in his back garden. After many successful years in retail management he decided it was time to stop working so hard. He decided to retire. Not being one for sitting around the house, he decided to take up a hobby. (One he could do when it was too wet for golf, and too early in the day for a trad session.) Dick enrolled in a FAS course on woodturning, bought himself a lathe and set it up in the garden shed. Here he could listen to the radio and make as much mess as he liked without annoying his wife too much.


After many years of wearing a suit, and concentrating on sales returns, staff retention and profit margins, his family were pleasantly surprised when he started creating pieces that they could swipe and give to their friends for Christmas, weddings, house-warmings and birthdays. Everyone lucky enough to be given one of these pilfered presents was impressed with his simple yet contemporary style, and commented on the superb finish and the craftsmanship of the work. His family of course took most of the credit, and locked him in the shed for long periods to encourage his talent

The Pieces

Over time, his range and style grew, and he began to take on more challenging pieces, from the beautiful simplicity of the airtight acorn pots, to mixing wood-types using their contrasting colours to wonderful effect. He began to test his ability with pieces like the long necked bud vase, and soon was recognised for his skill. In 2002 he was awarded best amateur wood-turner by the wood-turners guild, and began to show some of his work in the Fusion Gallery in Limerick City. It became harder for his family to swipe the work he was producing, as he kept selling it to other people before they could get to him.


Each piece produced is made from Irish wood, sourced from sheds, gardens, woodpiles, reclaimed furniture and forests. It’s a tricky business, as a piece of timber takes many years to dry out, and must be completely dry before work can begin. It can take ten years before some wood is ready. Part of the process is knowing what the material is capable of. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, a finish or a grain that lends itself to one style or another. Knots and flaws in the wood can be used to advantage, and incorporated into the piece in order to display its unique character. Spalting is a form of decay encouraged by dampness in the wood. Found in timber for building spalting can render the material useless, but a skilled wood turner can take the patterns and discolouration it causes and create something unusual and beautiful. Look at the gallery for examples of spalting used to good effect

Delivery and Payment

All pieces will be packaged properly for international delivery, we will quote you prices when you order.

Prices will vary according to weight and size of the pieces and also on choice of express or normal delivery. When you inquire about a piece we will quote you the best delivery price we can source at the time. this may vary but costs start at around 35 euros for delivery to europe,

We haven’t got our VISA machine yet, were not that big, so payment can be made by cheque or bank draft, depending on whats suitable, email us if your interested and we can sort it out together.

Pictures and images

All the pieces shown here have been hand crafted, because most pieces are photgraphed digitally, colour variation may occour, but we have tried to get the images as close to whats natural as possible. if you wish to see other pictures of a piece plese feel free to contact us and we will try and send you some more pictures.


If a piece has been sold, it is possible to get something similar, contact us if you have any special requests. Pieces can take a few months to complete depending on what you want.